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Install ADB in rooted android easily
ADB: ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge. With adb you can operate many advanced function which aren't possible in a non-rooted android phone. To use ADB you must need a PC.But today, I am going to show you an amazing trick for installing adb in your rooted android phone! So you won't need PC to run ...

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IMO Patch
This post is for discussing about the patch for the IMO app. You can report about the patch if it's working or not in latest versions. Just comment anything related to that patch.Q: What is IMO?A: IMO is a free instant messaging app like whatsapp. But this app use less data and works in even poor ne ...

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[MAGISK] Get iOS emojis in any Android
Emojis of iOS are awsome. I always loved those. You can now have those beautiful emojis on your rooted Android. Look at the following image preview.
You can install it in two way.

Find and install it from magisk download section and reboot.
Download the module from here. Then launch Magsik ...

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Tasker the ultimate automation app for Android
Tasker is an automation app for Android. It can unleash the real automation features of android! The name of the app "Tasker" says everything. You can automate almost every actions and events of your android device.This app is powerful enough to make your life easier! Let's see some examples what ca ...

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Magisk the systemless root manager
Magisk is a systemless root functionality was created by Topjohnwu. It's more than just a root permission manager. It has a built in modules support like xposed. It called Systemless because it doesn't modify Android's system partition for getting root permission. So let's see Magsik's magics ( ...

schedule 11:27 pm, 18/12/2019 visibility 188 comment 0
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My favorite music in 2019
I love music. I think everyone does. That's why I wanted to share the musics I listened most in 2019. I hope you will like them.Phototropic by ChimeCrystallize by Lindey StirlingInvincible by Deaf KevSymbolism by Electro LightAlive (Acoustic) by KrewellaCome and Get It (Razi ...

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Introduction to Dark Web
Dark web is a parallel part of the Internet. The term dark is used for a reason. In the dark web there are many weird, illegal and disturbing contents exists that you can't even imagine about. The dark web requires special kind of softwares, configuration or authorisation to access.Dark web acc ...

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How to install XAMPP on Linux
XAMPP: XAMPP is a software for web developers. It can execute server-side scripts, manag databases, etc. XAMPP is easy to install. Because it's a all-in-one package.
With XAMPP you can execute your PHP and MySQL scripts directly on your PC without an Internet connection. It's a great software ...

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Xposed Framework
Xposed Framework: Xposed Framework was made for Android by rovo89. It's a powerful framework which can be used to modify android.What can it do: Xposed can do anything possible on android. But it doesn't do anything on it's own. It is just a framework. You need to install xposed modules (app) w ...

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How to get Linux like environment on your windows PC
Linux: it is not a widely used OS for PC. But Linux and linux like OSs are unique in their own way. They offers some facilities for advanced users that windows doesn't. That's why it is unique. Developers and hackers's first choice is unix type OS.Why it should be installed for windows: Well, even t ...

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Android Root
 Q. What the heck is root?A. Well, if you don't know about android root privilege then you are welcome to world of awesomeness.Before knowing how it is awesome you need to know what root is and how it works.Introduction: I have already explained about android on the previous post. As ...

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What is Android
Intruduction: Well, now days everyone knows about Android. Android is a OS (Operating System) was invented for camera. Yes, you heard it right. It was invented for camrea, but after google bought it they started to produce smartphones with Android.  Maybe it is the most popular OS for ...

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