Updated: August 07, 2018

In this site, all the articles and creations are copyright protected. That means you can not copy or redistribute any content of this site. As of the copyright law, if anyone creates something unique or new like articles, books, website and more like that then they will be automatically protected by copyright law. So if anyone copy or share these contents without permission of the respectfull author, then the author can take action as of law and could take the person to court.

However, you could share any content from this site as the way provided for sharing.

So please do not not copy something from this site to your site, blog, app, social network or any media that you own.

Notice: There are some contents like logos, icons, frameworks and so on, which are the properties of their respectfull owner. But they are meant to open source or free to use. So in this site there is nothing shared against the copyright law. If you find something in this site which belongs to you or someone else, then please contact tge site admin. So admin will remove that content from this site to respect the original owner.

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