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Introduction to Dark Web

Dark web is a parallel part of the Internet. The term dark is used for a reason. In the dark web there are many weird, illegal and disturbing contents exists that you can't even imagine about. The dark web requires special kind of softwares, configuration or authorisation to access.
Dark web access passes through many layers of encryption. So it is nearly impossible for anyone to track users or site's hosts. So illegal businesses are kind of safe there. If you haven't heard of this before then you might think that you living in the past. In that case, you are somehow right. It's been said that the internet we use (referred as clearnet), has only 4% of contents. Remaining 96% contents are on the dark web! Shocking, right? Also, like clearnet, all sites are not indexed in dark web. So it's hard to find specific site there. But popular sites are listed on some wiki sites and dark web search engines. Of course, clearnet and dark web search engines are different. Clearnet search engines will only index clearnet sites and dark web search engines will only index dark web sites. But DuckDuckGo is an exception. It indexes both.

Dark web sites are often used for illegal contents and activities. For example you can find drugs, gun, leaked data, live murder, torture, hackers, revenge porn, child porn and so on there. But in most cases they are not free. You have to pay whatever you want. They only uses Bitcoin as currency. Because other payment methods can leave trails.

How to access dark web and it's sites?
First, you need the required environment. There are many networks which will do the hard job for you by routing you to the dark web. For example: Tor (The Onion Routing) Project. By installing Tor browser, you will be ready to browse dark web. To check if you are ready after connecting to tor, visit this link. If you see "Congratulations.." then you are ready. If you see the message "Sorry.." that means not connected to Tor yet. Then you have to find some site to browse. There is also a solution. There are some Onion search engines available which will let you know about dark web sites. For example, you can use DuckDuckGo for searching within dark web.

Happy dark browsing!!!

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