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How to get Linux like environment on your windows PC

Linux: it is not a widely used OS for PC. But Linux and linux like OSs are unique in their own way. They offers some facilities for advanced users that windows doesn't. That's why it is unique. Developers and hackers's first choice is unix type OS.
Why it should be installed for windows: Well, even though windows provides all facility a common users need, some time it is not enough. Because they provide a safe environment while Linux type OS provides you a fully open environment so you can do whatever you want. You can use it for increasing your security or break it entirely. It is up to you. Some time we need to do something advanced which is required linux terminal. For instance: basic hacking lesson, building programs or running them, edit android roms and other develper stuffs etc. But you will need some advanced knowledges about shell scripting.
Is it safe to install: It should be. It is not a entire linux based os. It's jus linux like environment. So there is almost zero chance to break something.
Introduction to Cygwin: Okay, so cygwin is the thing I was talking about. It can do all the linux environment setup stuffs for us. We just need to download it. Then installing can be on screen instructions.

How to setup: First download it from here and follow instructions. Remember, during installation, select packages to install that you will need later.
How to use: When you need to run cygwin terminal (of course there is nothing else ;) I'm cygwin), opem the shortcut from desktop. Alternately you can launch the terminal from installation_directory/bin/mintty.exe
Troubleshooting: Follow their official documentations. You can also comment your problem here. I will try to help you.

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