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Magisk the systemless root manager

Magisk is a systemless root functionality was created by Topjohnwu. It's more than just a root permission manager. It has a built in modules support like xposed. It called Systemless because it doesn't modify Android's system partition for getting root permission. So let's see Magsik's magics (features) shortly.

Systemless: Magisk is a systemless root which will allow your device to get updates. So you are geting root privilege and OTA updates together which was impossible before.

Modules: Magisk has modules support which allows to do modification on system and get benefits without actually modifying the system partition  (because it's systemless root, remember?). Magisk modules are very useful and their modifications can be undone! Magisk modules could be found on it's official repository or from other sources which are created by random peoples/devs for specific reasons, mostly device specific.

Magisk Hide: Sometimes having root permission could cause troubles. Because, some apps has root detection functionality which will detect root and won't let you use the app for security reasons. For instance: Banking Apps. So magisk have a solution for this problem too. You can use magisk hide function to hide root permission for specific apps. So apps will no longer restrict you using them for your android being rooted.

Support for Xposed Framework: Magisk also supports xposed frameworks as magisk modules (e.g.: Official Xposed Framework, Tai Chi, Edxposed). So xposed became systemless too! Whoa!

Supports different device architectures: Magisk supports almost all kind of architectures even with ABV 2.0/dm-verity and encryption.

Frequent Updates: Magisk gets updates frequently which keeps supporting new devices and keeps fixing bugs. That's a good thing.

Magisk is being a vital part of android for advanced users and for custom roms. Because sometimes it also helps booting custom roms by patching kernels. So you should take full advantage of your android with magisk.

Visit magisk's discussion on xda.

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