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Install ADB in rooted android easily

ADB: ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge. With adb you can operate many advanced function which aren't possible in a non-rooted android phone. To use ADB you must need a PC.But today, I am going to show you an amazing trick for installing adb in your rooted android phone! So you won't need PC to run adb commands. You can run adb commands from your android phone!

  1. An android phone rooted with magisk
  2. USB OTG must be supported
  3. Another android phone with a supported data cable (for testing)
  4. A USB otg cable (for testing)
Steps of installing:
  1. Launch Magisk Manager app
  2. Go to Downloads
  3. Search for "adb & fastboot for android ndk"
  4. Install this module and reboot your phone
  5. Install any terminal emulator app (search in playstore)
That's it! You have successfully installed adb and fastboot binary in your phone. Let's verify the installation.
Let's assume that the device you installed adb is "A" and the device you will test is "B"
  1. Launch any terminal emulator app in device A
  2. type "su"
  3. Grant superuser permission (if prompted)
  4. Enable "Developer options" in B (Go to Settings > About > tap 7 times on build number)
  5. Now open "Developer options" settings
  6. Enable "USB Debugging"
  7. Now connect B with usb cable and otg to A
  8. Choose "File transfer" from the USB connected notification in device B
  9. In terminal window in device A, type "adb devices" and wait
  10. If you see your device's serial number that means everything is Okay and adb is working perfectly!
Now you can do whatever you want with adb installed in your android device, without PC! Have fun!

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