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Tasker the ultimate automation app for Android

Tasker is an automation app for Android. It can unleash the real automation features of android! The name of the app "Tasker" says everything. You can automate almost every actions and events of your android device.
This app is powerful enough to make your life easier! Let's see some examples what can tasker do!

  1. Tasker can perform assigned tasks based on time
  2. Tasker can perform tasks in certain conditions
  3. Tasker can do something based on events like: launcing app, device charging state, display status, file cahnges, network changes, battery stats, sensors usage, on notifications, call stats and many more!
  4. Tasker can detect location and do some tasks
Now let's see some practical examples.

Let's think that you want your phone to keep in silent mode when it connects to your workplace's wifi network. Then when it connects to your home wifi it will turn off silent mode. Whenever your device disconnects from the wifi, it will turn on mobile data automatically and when it connects to any wifi again it can turn off mobile data also. It can play news for you when you are on your car and connected to the car. These can be done automatically by tasker!

Now let's imagine that your device doesn't have battery saving option. You can make a manual battery saving function in tasker. It can work like this way: when your device's battery percentage is 15% or lower tasker will turn off Data Connection, WiFi, GPS, Running Apps, Automatic brightness, Sensors. In this way tasker can save battery when your device is running out of battery.

You can command tasker to switch to light or dark mode based on time (Light mode at morning and Dark mode at evening) seamlessly!

You can command tasker to turn on data/wifi automatically when you launch specific app like Facebook, Games, Messenger etc. So it doesn't matter if you turned on data/wifi before opening your favorite apps. Let the tasker handle that matter.

These are a few examples. There are unlimited examples I can give you about usage of tasker. Tasker has limitless possibility of automating. It depends on you how you want to use it. Even you can create standalone apps from tasker for any task! Yikes!

Important: Most functions of tasker will not work without root permission! So, if you want to enjoy all functionality of Tasker, you need to root your device!

I will share some cool mods for tasker, which you can try by just importing them from tasker! Wait until then!

Unfortunately Tasker is not free! You have to purchase it from google play store. Of course there are pirated version of this app available on internet. But I strongly recommend to purchase it rather than using pirated version.

Do you want to automate your life? Install Tasker from Google playstore!

Don't forget to comment what do you want to do with this app. Maybe I can help you. 🤔

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