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How to install XAMPP on Linux

XAMPP: XAMPP is a software for web developers. It can execute server-side scripts, manag databases, etc. XAMPP is easy to install. Because it's a all-in-one package.

With XAMPP you can execute your PHP and MySQL scripts directly on your PC without an Internet connection. It's a great software for those who want learn developing wordpress or other similar CMS.
How to install: Download it first from here. Select linux and your architecture type (32bit or 64bit).
Now open any terminal program. Type commands below simultaneously:
cd ~/Downloads
Replace the Downloads folder with the directory of the downloaded xampp app. By default location should be Downloads. Now:
chmod +x xampp-linux-x64-7.2.5-0-installer.run
Make sure you typed the actual name of the downloaded program. Then:
sudo ./xampp-linux-x64-7.2.5-0-installer.run
Congratulations, You installed XAMPP successfuly.
How to launch: Launch a terminal program, then change your current directory to
Now execute the below command to start
xampp sudo ./manager-linux-x64.run

You can now enjoy full featured web server offline!  

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