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IMO Patch

This post is for discussing about the patch for the IMO app. You can report about the patch if it's working or not in latest versions. Just comment anything related to that patch.

Q: What is IMO?
A: IMO is a free instant messaging app like whatsapp. But this app use less data and works in even poor network conditions. For more info, click here.

Q: How to apply this patch?
A: Open Lucky Patcher and Download custom patches from menu so you get the latest patch if available. Now click on IMO from the app list. Now choose Menu of Patches > Custom patch > Apply

Q: What are the requirements?
A: Requirements:

  1. Your phone must be Rooted
  2. You must install the Lucky Patcher app
  3. IMO must be installed in your phone
Q: Where can I download the Lucky Patcher App?
A: You can download it from the official site
Important Note: I don't have any personal computer right now. That's why I can't guarantee that this patch will work 100%. I make this patch from my phone. 

Enjoy the patch! Don't forget to share your opinions here.

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loyalty imo patch


thanks for the patch, also can u add a patch where these "explore" or "Myplanet" and the day's wont show up? they're hella annoying
9:34 pm, 11/05/20
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