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Xposed Framework

Xposed Framework: Xposed Framework was made for Android by rovo89. It's a powerful framework which can be used to modify android.

What can it do: Xposed can do anything possible on android. But it doesn't do anything on it's own. It is just a framework. You need to install xposed modules (app) which can do the modification of your android using the power if the xposed framework. It can modify apps, fix exists bugs on android, add extra features, theme apps, theme rom, change UI and so on. It can hide app 'x' from app 'y'!. It can spoof your location. It can hide or change your device's info from other apps. It can protect your privacy with permission control app. It is also used to save battery. There is more I can't remember them now. But I will discuss more about xposed modules later.

How it works: It installs a framework which is capable of injecting anything to android or change any contents of android including app data.

How to install it: There is no global method to install xposed framework as like rooting. Because android device manufacturers builds their phone with different hardwares and SoCs. That's what makes it harder. But I can tell you a way to get a simpler method. Just search it on google. Your device's model and codename should be included with your search query. For example: How to install xposed framework on redmi 7 onclite

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