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info If you have a PC then you can do so many amazing things with that. Even earnings! So you need to know how to do what! 

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How to install XAMPP on Linux
XAMPP: XAMPP is a software for web developers. It can execute server-side scripts, manag databases, etc. XAMPP is easy to install. Because it's a all-in-one package.
With XAMPP you can execute your PHP and MySQL scripts directly on your PC without an Internet connection. It's a great software ...

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How to get Linux like environment on your windows PC
Linux: it is not a widely used OS for PC. But Linux and linux like OSs are unique in their own way. They offers some facilities for advanced users that windows doesn't. That's why it is unique. Developers and hackers's first choice is unix type OS.Why it should be installed for windows: Well, even t ...

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