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About MerajBD.Com

This site is made for sharing my knowledges. Here you can get various kind of informations, tools, services, tutorials, downloads, resources, links etc. Most of them is about technology and technology related. The only reason for making this site to let everyone know whatever I/We know. I write whatever I like. Sometimes it may not seem professonal but believe me it's OK.

About Admin

I am a small web developer with a very little knowledge. But I always like to learn something interesting then I like to share whatever I learned. I started to learn web development since 2010. I started to learn web development from mobile phone. I am from Bangladesh and I feel very proud for that. Developing this site is my hobby. I spent pretty much time daily for this site.


HelioHost: Most thanks to heliohost for providing free web hosting. As far as I know, It's the best free web hosting in the world.
Samsung Galaxy J2, J7 and Xiaomi Redmi 7 (current device): Devices where this site is made in. Yes! You heard it right. This site is made from mobile.
ES File Explorer: The best file manager (plus many features) for Android.
Google: Without google, nothing would've been possible.
W3schools: W3schools is is a free school where you can learn most popular web programmings for free.
Materialize CSS Framework: For porting google's material design concept for web.
Myself: Well, I would not take any credits ;)

Support Development

If you want to help the development of this site, then please donate. Any amount would be enough. If you can't donate, that is also OK! Just visit us whenever you want. Thank you for being with us.

Why this site is unique

You should've feel that the site is very fast and smooth. The reason is the site is as much optimized as possible. It was not built upon any framework or cms. That's why it has a simple and user friendly interface. This is "not" just another wordpress site! I don't like wordpress and don't like jquery either. Because your privacy is Important to us.

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